Isle of Wight Council

Creditor Payments


Ordering Goods and Services

The Council uses two systems to carry out day-to-day transactions with our suppliers - SAP and Procurement Cards.


SAP is a software application for the electronic ordering of goods/services, payment of invoices and tracking of funds committed by the order against internal budgets.

The Council embraces the advantages available through e-procurement and utilises the electronic ordering and invoicing system, with orders e-mailed direct to suppliers, wherever possible. Invoices can also be received via e-mail, any paper invoices received are scanned and invoices are matched to the original order within the electronic ordering system. All invoices are therefore required to include a valid order number to ensure there are no delays in the invoice process.

SAP has been in use at the Council since April 2009 and has been rolled out to all departments.

Procurement Cards

Procurement cards allow Council employees to make purchases of low value ad-hoc goods or services.

Currently the Council uses Mastercard procurement cards issued by Natwest. Mastercard is widely accepted and allows cardholders to purchase from most companies; therefore, if suppliers are able to accept normal Mastercard credit cards then they will be able to accept payment from a procurement card.

Benefits of Procurement Cards to the Council:

  • Ability to purchase goods or services quickly in an emergency.
  • Lower processing costs for transactions.
  • Able to access timely and accurate management information on Council spend.
  • Reduction in staff expenses claims for items such as travel for business purposes.


Benefits of Procurement Cards for Suppliers:

  • Prompt payment.
  • No need to issue invoices, just a receipt.
  • Improved cash flow.