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Sex Establishments

Sex establishments are required to be licensed under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.  There are three different types of establishment:

  1. A Sexual Entertainment Venue is a premises where entertainment is provided for the purpose of sexually stimulating a live audience (whether by verbal or other means) for financial gain.
  2. Sex Shop is a premises used for business which consists to a significant degree of selling sex articles
  3. Sex Cinema is a premises used to a significant degree for showing of films which are concerned primarily with, or relate to, or are intended to stimulate sexual activity

The legislation prescribes the application process, which includes a consultation period during which the application must be advertised in the local press and at the premises in order to give the public opportunity to comment. 

Sex Establishment Policy

Before applying please read the Sex Establishment Policy (PDF, 338.09KB, 22 pages).

Where a licence is granted it shall remain in force for up to one year and the local authority can impose conditions on the licence.

Apply for a Licence

Applications can be made online, please view the Licensing do it online tasks  and select the task you need. .


A fee must be paid at the time an application is made. The fee (PDF, 97KB, 1 page) covers the cost of administration, inspection and enforcement activity.

For further clarification contact the Licensing Department by phone or email using the details in the 'Contact' tab above.