Adelaide and Gouldings

Referrals and Assessment


If there is a need or requirement for respite then your allocated social care worker can be contacted on 01983 823340 in order for a referral to be made.  In addition, the First Response team can also be contacted on 01983 814980 for a referral to be put through for respite services.  Individuals or carers can also contact the centres, if the individual funds their own care, directly on:

The Adelaide - 01983 568621

The Gouldings - 01983 752135


There is a cost for services provided by the centres.  A referral will be made to the Financial Assessment and Charging Team via a social care worker.  The team will then visit to discuss your individual circumstances and assess your ability to pay towards the cost of the services.

For more information about paying for your care please click here.