Organisational Intelligence

Corporate Plan


This page relates to the Isle of Wight Council’s Corporate Plan 2021-25 this is the main strategic planning document which sets out the local authority’s focus for that period.


Whilst the council will continue with a range of services it must deliver, they should not be taken as the definitive list of where resources and the council’s focus ultimately will be prioritised.  Any programme, project or scheme which is not detailed in the corporate plan will have to be carefully considered as to whether it contributes to our wider stated priorities, and also whether there are any statutory requirements for the local authority to deliver such services. 

Failure to meet these tests will mean that resources will not be allocated.  Only by adopting such a rigorous approach can we ensure that we live within our means and provide a sustainable financial model for future years.  It is, however, worth stressing that the priorities set out in this document do not in any way reflect the breadth of work undertaken by the local authority.