Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information


Allotments are small areas of land that have been set aside for cultivation by renting tenants. Allotment gardens provide a wide range of benefits to the community and the environment. They are not just important for low cost food production, they also provide a valuable recreational opportunity involving healthy activities and social interaction that can become a way of life for many people. Nothing is as rewarding as growing your own fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. Our allotment service manages a range of sites along with the Parish/Town councils. Many allotment sites are popular and in some cases have a waiting list. For any further information regarding the availability of any of the allotment plots, use the contact details listed below.

Our allotment sites

Below is a list of our allotment sites:

  • Grove Road, Wroxall
  • Dovecotes, Merstone
  • Fort Mews, Sandown
  • Hyde Destructor, Shanklin
  • Long Meadow, Westhill Road, Shanklin  
  • Barn Ground, Lake   

Rental for these allotments is billed yearly on the first Monday of September from our Customer Account Services. For any queries relating to these please send us a message.

Town/Parish Councils and other associations managed allotment sites

Below is a list of allotment sites managed by either the Town/Parish Councils and other associations:

  • Ryde Town Council. For more information call 01983 811105.
      • Alfred Street, Ryde
      • Uplands Road, Haylands
      • Quarry Road, Ryde
      • Marlborough Road, Ryde
      • Mayfield Road, Ryde
  • Newport Parish Council. For more information call 01983 559119.
      • Old Pan, Newport
      • Hillside Quay Harbour, Newport
      • Clatterford Road, Carisbrooke
      • Castle Road, Carisbrooke
      • Field House, Carisbrooke
      • Miller Lane, Carisbrooke
  • Brading Town Council. For more information call 01983 401770
  • Nettlestone & Seaview Parish Council. For more information call 01983 562257.
  • Alvington Road, Newport. Managed by an association. Details are displayed on the allotment site.
  • Moorgreen Road, Cowes. Managed by an association. Email for further details.
  • Vectis Road, East Cowes. Managed by Vectis Association. For more information visit the Vectis Association website.
  • St Boniface Fields. Managed by Ventnor Town Council. For more information email