Community Outreach


Community Outreach provides short-term support (Reablement) to help people to recover and regain independence following an episode of illness or deterioration in their health.  This includes people being discharged from hospital needing and benefiting from short term support.  This approach aims to reduce, and ideally to avoid, the need for people to receive ongoing social care services.

In some cases the reablement approach may be appropriate for people already receiving support at home, but where an increase or new need is identified.  The council may then work alongside existing carers/carer providers to help the individual to be as self-reliant as possible, promoting recovery and wellbeing.

The service operates seven days a week and is tailored to meet individual needs.  It is available free at the point of delivery and may continue for up to 6 weeks though often is only required for much shorter periods.

The service is offered by the Outreach Teams based at the Adelaide and the Gouldings.  For more information please contact them on 01983 567552 (Adelaide) or 01983 758553 (Gouldings).

We also offer reablement in our Mental Health Outreach service in the shape of short term support for people with mental health needs. For more information contact them on 01983 293092.