Sundry Debt

Also known as: Accounts Receivable, Customer Accounts, Homecare Charges, Invoices, Payments to the Council, Residential Care -Contributions Due, Temporary Accommodation Charges

Service Description: Accounts Receivable/Customer Accounts department is responsible for the collection of monies due to the Authority for sundry debt and periodic income (one-off invoices and regularly recurring invoices). This covers payment for a wide range of services including the following:-

Residential Care Contributions; Homecare & Personal Budget Contributions; Temporary Accommodation Charges; Housing Benefit Overpayments, Commercial Rents & Concessions; Hiring of Football Pitches & Sports Facilities; Annual Food, Liquor & Gambling Licences; Music tuition and instrument hire; Annual Beach Hut & Allotment Rental, and Building Regulation Fees. These are debts due for a range of services and goods provided but excluding Council Tax, Business Rates, Parking Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) & One Card payments.