Emergency Management

Frequently Asked Questions for this Service

Question: What should the public do if there is a major emergency or incident?

Answer: If you become or are made aware of any incident you should:

STAY INDOORS (closing doors and windows)
TUNE IN to local radio and TV for further information - Related Link

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Question: What is the Council's emergency response role?

Answer: The Council actively supports the Emergency Services in all areas of their emergency response. This primarily includes:

The welfare of the public involved in the emergency
Technical and resource assistance at the scene of an emergency
Co-ordination of voluntary agencies
The continued provision of essential Council services

The work of the Council does not stop when the Emergency Services leave. The Council is responsible for leading the recovery back to normality, as the provision of care and assistance to those affected can continue for many weeks and months.

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Question: When would we have to evacuate, if there was an emergency?

Answer: Evacuation of homes is a very rare occurrence and is considered as a last resort. Evacuation would take place during flooding, gas leaks, fire etc. If you are advised to evacuate, follow the instructions given by the Emergency Services or the local radio station. - Related Link

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Question: How does the Council respond to emergencies?

Answer: When alerted to a major incident, the Council will activate its Emergency Response Plan and will ensure that the necessary Council resources and personnel are available and deployed.

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Question: How is the Council made aware of incidents?

Answer: The Council's Emergency Management Team has a duty officer system that provides 24 hour 365 days a year response. Procedures are in place to ensure that the duty officer is alerted, via the Emergency Services, of any potential major incidents that could affect the community or environment.

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Question: Do major incidents occur very often on the Isle of Wight?

Answer: Thankfully no, but the potential is always there, that's why we have an Emergency Management Team who work with the Emergency Services and other agencies to ensure that we are ready to react. Please click the related link, it will provide you with a list of the types of incidents we have got involved in. - Related Link

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Question: What does the Council plan for?

Answer: The Council's Plans are generic plans written to cover many different types of incidents such as:

Evacuation and Shelter
Marine Pollution
Disruption to fuel supplies

Please click on the related link for a list of plans held by the Emergency Management Team. - Related Link

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