General Parking Services

Parking Strategy 2016 to 2021 and Persistent Evaders

The parking of vehicles is key in developing how our towns and businesses will operate in a local transportation network.

We aim to provide a parking management service that supports the local community. An island parking strategy was implemented in January 2017.

The Parking Strategy helps the council to deliver policy associated with traffic regulation and acts. It will support the island’s Transport, Strategic Asset Management and Corporate Plans.

Annual Parking Report

View the 2020/21 Annual Parking Report

Persistent Evaders

The policy helps to tackle motorists who constantly break parking regulations. They may also fail to respond to Penalty Charge Notices (PCN).

The term ‘persistent evaders’ applies to a vehicle owner where there are three or more recorded contraventions for the vehicle. The PCNs for these will not be paid, represented against or appealed against within the statutory time limits. It may also be that their representations and appeals have been rejected but they have still not paid.

The Department for Transport advises local authorities to take action against such motorists.

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