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Past Members

When you leave or opt out of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), as long as you have been a member for at least 2 years, your employer will write to you to let you know that you are entitled to deferred benefits.  You will have built up valuable LGPS benefits that form an important part of your savings for retirement.

You cannot receive a refund of your contributions.  Your deferred benefits are payable at retirement age.

We work out the value of your benefits when you leave and hold them in the LGPS for you until either you decide to transfer them to another pension arrangement or they are due to be paid.

Your deferred benefits increase each year in line with the Consumer Price Index and an annual deferred benefit statement will be sent to your home address to let you know their value.

The LGPS changed from 1 April 2014.  If you left the scheme before this date your deferred benefits are unaffected.  Your deferred benefits are governed by the regulations in place at the time you stop paying into the scheme.

If you have a change of address or you wish to nominate a beneficiary to receive a death grant in the event of your death, then please download and complete the relevant form by clicking on the following link Forms & Leaflets.