Public Convenience Cleansing

Public toilets which have been closed

The table below lists all public toilets which have been closed. Please contact the appropriate organisations with any queries regarding these public toilets.

Toilet  Responsibility  - Current Position / Action Plan
Bonchurch Village Road Permanently closed May 2011
Binsted Rec Demolished May 2012
Brading West St Sold March 2012
Cowes Park Road Car Park Northwood House Trustess - Closed 2010
East Cowes Esplanade (Albany Rd) IWC closed - transferred Homes England
Ryde Canoe Lake Managed by third party
Ryde Lind Street  Closed in 2016
Sandown Devonia Esplanade Closed in 2008 and sold in 2013
Sandown Battery Gardens IWC closed May 2010
Ventnor Bath Road Closed April 2009 and sold in December 2011
Ventnor Market St Closed 2011 and sold in January 2015
Ventnor Wheelers Bay Closed May 2011 and sold in November 2012
Wootton Rec Closed 2002 and demolished in May 2011
Wroxall Grove Road Closed May 2011 and sold November 2012