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Highways - Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) Consultations

The process for introducing changes on the highway is regulated by the law. Every proposal is advertised in the press, inviting public feedback to be given within 28 days of the proposal notice. This is called a formal TRO consultation.

The council is currently part-way through an Island wide review of traffic regulation orders. The current proposals mainly cover the Southern side of the Island.  They have been drawn up from suggestions made since 2013. The plans were agreed with the police, before consulting with town and parish councils and local elected members at the end of 2021.

All the current live proposals are within District 5, they will be open for public feedback from 30 September to 28 October 2022.

District 5 covers:

  • Ventnor
  • Wroxall
  • Niton and Whitwell
  • Chale.


Giving feedback

We have listed below the live proposals in District 5.

  • Please select the relevant survey link, related to the town or village you wish to give feedback on.

  • The survey link will enable you to provide direct feedback online for the consultation you have selected.

  • Your comments will be reviewed and taken into consideration before finalising the proposed TRO.

  • We will contact you and provide you with information of the outcome from the consultation.

Please note: In line with the current regulations, it may take up to two years for a final decision to be made.

District 5 survey links


Or you can provide written feedback by emailing:

If you wish to post your responses, please use the address below:

Manager Highways/ Transport
St. Christopher House
Daish Way
Isle of Wight
PO30 5XJ