Isle of Wight Council


Submitted Petitions

Petition Title: To save our Totland Sea Wall

Date submitted: 29 January 2014

Date to be reviewed: 26 February 2015

To view the To save our Totland Sea Wall Petition, please click here

Outcome: The Council meeting on 26 February 2014, following consideration of the petition, passed the following resolution: THAT a report be presented to Cabinet in due course.

The meeting of the Executive (formerly the Cabinet) on 10 June 2014 passed the following resolution: THAT more robust costs of the option be sought by officers to include within the flood investigation report due to be considered by the July Executive meeting.

The meeting of the Executive on 7 July 2014 recommended that the Property Disposal and Capital Programme Sub Committee at its meeting on 5 August 2014 considers:  

(i) A report on whether or not to prioritise allocation of funding from the Capital Contingency Fund to the Executives preferred option (the Make Do and Mend option as agreed on 10 June 2014) for the Totland to Colwell sea wall and:  

(ii) A report on whether to recommend to the Executive to allocate ongoing revenue funding to the ongoing maintenance of the sea wall and to provide local groups in areas affected by the flooding with a summary of the conclusions and action programmes which are being developed.

This matter, along with other key capital projects, is intended to be considered at the meeting of the Executive on 9 September 2014.