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JSNA - Age Well (Older People)

Healthy Ageing

Picture of an older person with a stress ball

Cardiovascular Disease factsheet September 2014 (PDF, 428KB, 4 pages) This factsheet covers aspects relating to circulatory disease, chronic heart disease, stroke and hypertension.

Cardiovascular Disease Primary Care intelligence pack June 2017 (PDF, 680KB, 89 pages) This is published by PHE and looks at local risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease.

Dementia factsheet March 2016 (PDF, 326KB, 4 pages). 

Disability factsheet September 2013 (PDF, 530KB, 7 pages). This factsheet highlights disabilities on the Island including visual impairment, hearing impairment and learning disabilities.

Life Expectancy, Mortality and End of Life Care factsheet 2019  (PDF, 2.43MB, 11 pages). This factsheet covers life expectancy, mortality and causes of deaths and care at the end of life.

Older People factsheet June 2017 (PDF, 1.5MB, 9 pages). This factsheet highlights issues including Cardiovascular Disease, falls, fractures, Delayed Transfers of Care and older carers.

Public Health England provides an interactive analysis tool: Healthy Ageing Profile . This tool is aimed at supporting commissioners who are delivering services for older people.

Market Position Statement for adult social care (PDF, 2MB, 105 pages) This position statement provides information, intelligence and analysis benefit to current and prospective providers of health and social care services.