Isle of Wight Council

Council Tax Reductions

Also known as: Council Tax Discounts, Council Tax Exemptions, Disabled Relief

Service Description: In certain cases you may qualify for a Council Tax reduction.

A reduction may apply if:
• Only one adult lives in your home
• A resident is permanently disabled
• If there are people in your household we don't count for Council Tax purposes for example a full-time student, a student nurse or a carer.

For more information regarding Discounts or Disregards please click Discounts above.

A property can be exempt for a fixed period or it can be exempt indefinitely. The length of exemption varies depending on the criteria of each exemption.
Types of Exemption include:

• Properties occupied by a person who is severely mentally impaired e.g dementia
• Unoccupied properties where the last resident has gone into permanent care
• Properties left unoccupied where the last resident has passed away
• Properties occupied only by students

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Discounts for unoccupied properties were abolished on the 1st April 2017. For more information please click Empty Properties Above.