Isle of Wight Council

Council Tax Reductions

Disabled Relief

A reduction can apply if there is a person living in your property who is permanently disabled. This applies to any adult or child, living at an address.

Disabled relief reduces the charge to the next band below. For example, properties in band D are charged as if they were in band C.

Properties in the lowest band, band A, will get a reduction of one ninth of band D.

For this reduction to apply one or more of the following conditions are required to be met:

  • A room (not a kitchen, bathroom, or a lavatory) predominantly used by and required to meet the needs of the disabled person(s).
  • A bathroom or kitchen which is not the only bathroom or kitchen and which is required to meet the needs of the disabled person(s).
  • Sufficient space for the use of a wheelchair. 


To find your council tax banding and charge, please click here 

Application Process

  • To apply online for a Disabled Band Reduction please click here and complete the form.
  • As part of the application process a visit to your address is required to confirm if one or more of the listed conditions are met. This is completed by a Council Tax Visiting Officer who is part of the Council Tax department.


Please note: Whilst an application for a Disabled Band Reduction is being considered your bill should be paid as normal until you receive a new bill.

Further information

In certain circumstances other discounts or exemptions may apply.

  • For more information regarding Discounts and Disregards please click here.
  • For more information regarding Exemptions please click here .