Adult Social Care - Paying for Care

Charges you may have to pay

Depending on your savings, investments and income, most people pay something towards their care and supportbut occasionally we will pay for all of the care needs. The amount you pay depends on your financial circumstances, the type and length of care required.

In our initial assessment of your needs we will decide if you need a financial assessment to be completed. We will then carry out a financial assessment to work out how much you should pay. 

If you have assets (see list below) less than £23,250 you may qualify for financial help to deliver your eligible outcomes. If you have capital that is over £23,250, you will be required to pay the full cost of your care.

Assets include:

  • Money in any bank / building society, current and deposit accounts.
  • Post Office / National Savings and Premium Bonds, Income Bonds.
  • PEPs, TESSAs and ISAs.
  • Stocks, Shares and Unit Trusts.
  • Trust Funds.
  • Any other cash savings / investments.
  • Capital held on the person’s behalf by another party. Court of Protection, spouse / partner (where capital is held by one partner but the other has a beneficial interest).


If you pay the full cost, you are known as a ‘self-funder’. We can offer you various options to arrange your care. You can find more information in ‘Funding Your Own Care’ tab at the top of this page. 

If you are required to pay the full cost of your services because you have more than £23,250 and you still want us to arrange your care for you, we may charge you a fee to arrange your services and an annual fee on going. The amount we will charge you for this is in the council’s ‘Adult Social Care Charges’ document . (PDF, 384KB, 3 pages) 

Our factsheet Charging and Paying for Adult Social Care Services’  (PDF, 211KB, 8 pages) provides information on the financial assessment.

Please use our online self-service financial assessment tool BetterCare Isle of Wight. This tool will help you to work out how much you may have to pay towards the cost of your care.