Adult Social Care - Preparation for Adulthood


The Transitions team manage young people 18-25 moving from children’s to adult services.  The aim is to provide a seamless plan for each individual and their families. The team work under the Adult Social Care team. 

They work closely with children’s teams including the Disabled Children’s team.  A strategic transitions group works with senior managers across the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NHS Trust, Adults and Children’s Services.  A recent workshop brought practitioners together with the aim of developing a transition protocol and increasing understanding about each others duties and responsibilities to the young person e.g. continuing Health Care and Personal Budgets.  An operational group is responsible for supporting young people through the very difficult statutory and funding requirements of children and adult services.

Transitions is a high priority for partner organisations and a commissioning agenda is being developed jointly, particularly around increasing the quality of specialist accommodation placements available on the Island e.g. for those with mental health needs, forensic, challenge, with severe autism or severe sensory and physical disabilities.

For further information contact the Transitions team by telephoning 01983 823340.