Adult Social Care - Remaining Independent

Frequently Asked Questions for this Service

Question: What will happen if I do need help leaving hospital?

Answer: A Social Worker or Care Manager from Adult Services will visit you on the ward. They will assess your needs and how we can support you when you are ready for discharge. This may involve a discussion with your family, GP or Occupational Therapist etc. The Adult Service Worker will then put a care package together for the services to be in place on your discharge.

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Question: What is 'hospital discharge'?

Answer: The process of leaving hospital once you are well enough is called hospital discharge. Your Consultant will decide when you are medically fit enough to be discharged, but the final decision might involve several different people; perhaps the nurses on your ward, your GP and staff from your Adult Services department.
Your discharge should not come as a shock, planning for the time when you leave hospital should begin almost as soon as you are admitted. Hospital discharge procedures are intended to make sure that you have help and support at home if needed.

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Question: Will there be a cost for the services?

Answer: We will ask you to pay for, or contribute towards the cost of your services. The amount you pay depends on how much you can afford and is worked out by a financial assessment.

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Question: I live with my partner who is disabled. Can they have an alarm trigger too?

Answer: Yes. Multiple triggers can be used with each lifeline.

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Question: How do Community Alarms work?

Answer: If you already have a telephone, we will in most cases supply and install a Community Alarm, together with a personal pendant. The Community Alarm is simply connected to your telephone to make it much easier to call for help. Pressing either the large red alarm button on the unit or the alarm pendant automatically dials our local 24-hour Response Centre in Newport. When you use the Community Alarm our operator will know who is calling and will usually be able to hear you and talk to you. The operator will assess the call and arrange the most appropriate response.

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Question: What are Community Alarms?

Answer: For many people the telephone is their only means of contact with friends, relatives or neighbours but in a crisis it can be difficult to locate and dial a number that will bring help. A community alarm unit is both easy to use and keep clean, one press of the alarm trigger activates the Community Alarm unit.
The 24 hour Community Alarm Service can be provided to people who live on their own. The alarms are linked to a 24 hour Response Centre where trained operators are able to answer calls for help. If you are interested in the Community Alarm service and would like further information, or you wish to arrange a demonstration (for free and without obligation) please call Wightcare on 01983 821105

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