Adult Social Care - Remaining Independent

Occupational Therapy

Community Occupational Therapy (OT) Service

The Isle of Wight Council commissions the Community Occupational Therapy Service from Nottingham Rehabilitation Service (NRS Healthcare). NRS commenced service delivery as the Council’s partner from 1 August 2018. NRS now receive, screen and triage all referrals, regardless of source, for the Community Occupational Therapy Service.

Accessing the Service could not be easier. NRS Healthcare are keen to ensure that the referral process is as straightforward as possible for professionals, volunteers and those who self-refer. From 1 August 2018, to refer someone or to refer yourself please contact the Community Occupation Therapy Service by calling 01983 215774

Occupational Therapy opening times: 08:30am to 16:30pm Monday to Friday.

NRS Healthcare will screen the referrals and will triage referrals to ensure that the right support is put in place for Island residents.

The Community Occupational Therapy Service will:

  • Provide information and advice.

  • Demonstrate alternative ways of doing everyday things.

  • Encourage people to live as independently as possible at all times.

  • Identifying other opportunities/ services available to people within the wider community to meet their outcomes and to maximise their independence.

  • Support access to equipment and minor home modifications. 

In the event that more complex adaptations to access essential facilities in a person home are required NRS Healthcare will work with the person and the Council’s Housing Renewals Team to provide support. Recommendations made by the service can include:

  • Replacing a bath with a level access shower.

  • Providing ramped access to the property.

  • Widening doorways for wheelchair access.

  • Providing a stair lift or through floor lift.  

To help with the cost of more complex adaptations a person may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG). These grants are means tested so is dependent upon your individual financial circumstances. DFG’s are administered by the Council’s Housing Renewal section.