Adult Social Care - Remaining Independent

Regaining Independence - Reablement


The vision of the Community Reablement and Outreach service is to support people to regain or maximise their ability to live independently. Following a period of illness or injury.

Reablement can support you with daily living tasks, like:

  • Personal care, 
  • meal preparation, 
  • medication routine. 

Reablement will work with you to help you return to your previous ability. This is so you can remain independent and complete your daily living tasks yourself.

Referral Route

Referrals to Community Reablement and Outreach service are made by qualified professionals. You cannot self refer for this service.

Community Reablement and Outreach service

The Community Reablement and Outreach service is a high quality, short-term service provided by the Isle of Wight Council. If you are referred to the Community Reablement and Outreach service you will receive care and support for a period of up to six consecutive weeks. This service will be free of charge.

At the end of the six weeks a care review will take place with you. If the review identifies that you need longer term support. Then you will be contacted by our financial assessment and charging team. They will determine if you can make a contribution to your ongoing care. A social worker will also contact you to complete your needs assessment.

Please be reassured that the reablement team will continue to support you until a external provider is found to support you. You will never be left without support.

Contact Details

For further information on reablement contact the team on 01983 823830. Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm.

If you would like a copy of our leaflet, please download or print out the Community Reablement and Outreach Leaflet. (PDF, 4MB, 2 pages)

Monitoring and Inspection

Community Reablement and Outreach is a local authority establishment. This service provision and delivery is monitored by the Isle of Wight Council and the Care Quality Commission (CQC.)