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Partnership for Education, Attainment & Children’s Health


Partnership for Education, Attainment & Children’s Health (PEACH)

Public Health colleagues have worked in partnership with the Island’s Executive Head-teacher Group. This group brings together key stakeholders to co-produce and develop a new ‘whole-school’ framework.

This framework for Island primary schools and builds from the previous ‘National Healthy Schools Award’.

It focuses on four domains:

  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic education.

  • Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health.

  • Physical Activity.

  • Healthy Eating.


The four domains form a ‘self-assessment’ matrix. The matrix supports schools in identifying areas for improvement and informing their curriculum planning.

Within each domain, a set of key criteria are outlined and fulfilment of these will align with a three-tier awarding system. This three-tier system; Bronze, Silver and Gold, correlates with Ofsted standards. It provides recognition to schools meeting the health and wellbeing requirements associated with improving pupil attainment and behaviour. 

List of current Bronze awarded schools


  • Lanesend Primary School
  • Gurnard Primary School
  • St Marys Primary School
  • Queensgate Primary School
  • Carisbrooke C of E Primary School
  • Dover Park Primary School
  • Gatten & Lake Primary School
  • Medina House School
  • Nettlestone Primary School
  • Newchurch Primary School
  • Newport C of E Primary School
  • Nine Acres Primary School
  • Shalfleet C of E Primary School
  • Yarmouth C of E Primary School