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Isle of Wight Landlord Information Fairs

Isle of Wight Council Landlord Information Fairs are events that are held once or twice a year to keep landlords and lettings agents informed of anything that may affect private housing sector.  Information is presented in a lecture style and the topics can include anything from changes in housing legislation and the law, updates from Council services, or local schemes that may benefit tenants and landlords.  Local landlords, lettings agents, and anybody with a vested interest in private sector housing on the Isle of Wight are welcome to attend but booking is required.

We will post the details of future events on this web page in the meantime please feel free to register your email with us for future updates.

Register your email for future updates

If you would like to be added to the email list to receive invites to future Landlord Information Fairs, or wish to reserve a place at the next event, please contact the Accommodation Officer by using our online send a message to service form.