Building Control - Dangerous Structures & Demolition

Dangerous Structures

Buildings and structures that appear to be dangerous should be reported to Building Control using the 'Send a Message' tab under our contact section above.  It is important that you give precise information about the location and nature of the danger to allow us to act effectively. 

The danger may constitute something as simple as a leaning boundary wall or loose slates falling onto the highway.  Structures can also become dangerous from lack of maintenance and repair, fire damage, explosions, land slippage, storm damage and vehicular impact.

The powers for dealing with dangerous structures are contained in the Building Act 1984.  There are basically two ways in which this can be done, either through serving notice on the building’s owner through the Magistrates’ Court requiring the danger to be removed, or in an emergency we may take action and recover costs later.  It is the normal practice to discuss the dangerous structure with the owner in the hope that the matter can be resolved quickly without recourse to the Courts.