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Heritage Assets At Risk (HAAR)

Heritage Assets At Risk in the Medina Valley

The Heritage Assets At Risk in the Medina Valley document has been prepared by the Isle of Wight Council in its role as local planning authority. It mirrors English Heritage’s national Heritage at Risk register but unlike English Heritage’s document it identifies grade II listed buildings and locally listed assets (which includes buildings/structures/parks and gardens) considered to be ‘at risk’ or ‘vulnerable’ within the Medina Valley.

The document will be used as part of the evidence base to inform and support planning approaches and policies, such as the Medina Valley Area Action Plan. It is hoped that by publishing such a document that it will raise awareness of these assets and help secure their future, as well as being part of a positive strategy for the conservation and enjoyment of the historic environment.
All 441 listed buildings, structures, historic parks or gardens within the Medina Valley were visited and subject to visual assessment from the public highway, public rights of way network or public land. The assessment was made on their condition and their occupancy, which when applied to an assessment of risk model identified the level of risk faced by the asset.

The owners of assets included in the document have been given the opportunity to comment and it is important to say that inclusion within this document is not intended to criticise or blame, but to focus attention and to seek solutions, both within and outside of planning system, for their future. 
To view the Heritage Assets At Risk in the Medina Valley document please click here (PDF, 298.83KB, 26 pages).

The local planning authority will now be moving forward with similar approaches in the other Key Regeneration areas (Ryde and The Bay).