Planning Pre-application Advice

Pre-Application Advice Service

This service is provided to anyone who is considering building works and/or changes of use to properties on the Isle of Wight. In September 2015 the Isle of Wight Council introduced a charging schedule for a formal pre-application advice service which is available online. This pre-application advice is the stage before making a planning application.

 There are a number of benefits of pre-application service which include:

  • Saving time and money
  • Reducing the number of unsuccessful planning applications
  • Making sure you provide enough information to support your final application


Request pre-application advice online

As part of your online Pre-application advice request you will need to complete all relevant fields within the form to ensure that we can review your request as quickly as possible and will require plans and information that are relevant to the proposal you would like to be considered. The pre-application fee (based on the table below) must be paid online as part of the submission of your request for advice.  Once a request has been submitted you will be able to monitor your request, submit any further information all from your council myAccount record on our website. 

Further information about our pre-application advice service, including terms and conditions, can be found in the pre-application advice guidance notes (PDF, 145KB, 4 pages).

Wildlife Assessment Check

The Wildlife Assessment Check is a free online tool provided by the Partnership for Biodiversity in Planning. It is for householders and small to medium-scale developers who want to undertake a development project to check whether they will need expert ecological advice before submitting a planning application. This tool is not intended for large development projects where formal Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) are required according to EIA regulations. Please note: The Isle of Wight Council is not responsible for any external links provided.


Submit an online request for pre-application advice

The Council would prefer pre-application advice requests to be made online. Please note: payments by cheque or by credit or debit card over the telephone cannot be accepted using the online forms.   

The cost of pre-application advice fees are set out in the table below:

     Householder  Minor  Major  Large Major
Bronze   Written desk based response  £52.50  £157.50  £525  £735
Silver  Meeting at the Council offices, followed by a written response  £105  £210  £630  £840
Gold  On site meeting followed by a written response  £157.50  £262.50  £682.50  £892.50
Platinum  Planning Performance Agreement  £210  £420  £840 £1050