Newport Harbour

Newport Harbour

Service update

Overnight berthing and short stay visits are available on the Newport visitor pontoon and quay wall. Access to water, electricity and shore facilities are available following the successful dredging of the harbour.

Please help us to maintain a safe and Covid-19 free environment by following the latest government guidance.

Harbour Office

Town Quay, Newport, PO30 2ED.

Telephone: 01983 823885 or 07964 207441

Newport Harbour Office will be open 10am –to 2pm Monday to Friday.  All communications are to be emailed to or call.

Harbour information

Newport Harbour is a small leisure harbour situated in the Island’s county town at the navigable head of the River Medina, some 5 miles south from the port of Cowes.

The harbour is a short, easy walk from the centre of Newport, and a broad range of shops, restaurants and other facilities including cinema and leisure centre are available nearby. Public transport is readily available to other parts of the Isle of Wight, making Newport Harbour a great destination for the sailing family.

To reach Newport Harbour from Cowes proceed down the Medina River. Shallow points are marked by red buoys on the port side and green buoys on the starboard. On the east bank, the approach to Newport Harbour is identified by large white beacons with pairs of horizontal red lights showing at night. When lined up, these beacons bear a course of 192º T and show the approach channel to the harbour.

The harbour dries out completely at Low Water. High Water Spring tides give an average 2.5m depth in the approach channel and at the visitors’ pontoons, but this may increase depending on weather conditions. The Neap high tide depth is 1.8m. It is advised that fin keeled boats should lie against the quay walls south of the visitors’ pontoons.

View the Annual Harbour Report (629KB 13 pages)

Newport Harbour Facilities:
  • Water and electricity on the pontoons,

  • waste facilities,

  • showers and toilets,

  • two slipways,

  • dry berth storage for around 50 boats.  

Boat repairs and gas are available from Odessa Marine boatyard on the west bank and a chandlery is next door at Little London. 

Open port

Newport Harbour has a statutory duty to maintain an ‘Open Port Policy’ for freedom of navigation and public use. Commercial shipping will continue to operate as usual. The harbour will remain open to any vessel that needs to transit the harbour or access a berth.

Folly visitor pontoon

Overnight berthing and short stay are welcome, the water taxi service is running. For further information for the water taxi please contact Folly Ventures by emailing or calling 07884 400046.