Isle of Wight Council

Getting Involved

Volunteering in libraries

We’re looking for volunteers - local people with free time to give to their local library.

There are opportunities for everyone, whatever your experience, and whatever amount of time you are able to give.

You could play a key role in supporting the Library Service in a number of ways. You might want to help the library staff by taking on a broad range of tasks, such as issuing books, answering customer enquiries or replacing books on the shelves. Alternatively, you might want to take on more specialist tasks such as reading stories to children, assisting people with computer use, or helping to run out of hours activities.

You will not be replacing paid members of staff. Library staff are delighted to welcome volunteers into the library, since volunteers provide an extra pair of hands that allow staff to lay on more events or devote more time to customers.

Council-run and Community-supported libraries: Newport, Ryde, Cowes, Freshwater, Sandown, Ventnor - have established Friends Groups. You could join these groups, and help them to raise funds for their local library, promote their library locally, or support or organise special events.

Community libraries: Bembridge, Brighstone, East Cowes, Niton (Edward Edwards) and Shanklin – are run by thriving, friendly voluntary groups which are always happy to welcome new people.

You will receive training to allow you to take on with confidence whatever role you choose.

Contact your local library to find out how you can help out your community!