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Early Years SEN Advisory Team

Portage Services

Portage is for children who have a significant delay in their development. Children can be referred to the Early years SEN Advisory Team if the child is delayed in two areas of learning by half their age. For example, if the child is three years old, their learning must be delayed by one and a half years.
We have expertise in understanding, recognising and supporting the needs of every child. Parents/carers are recognised as knowing their child best and Portage builds on this knowledge. Portage is at its most effective when parents/carers are committed to carrying out agreed activities and strategies and work closely with us and all those involved with the child.

Our Advisors will:

  • visit the family regularly at home
  • work with families to plan fun activities so that the child learns new skills in small steps
  • liaise with other professionals to help families meet the needs of their child

For more information visit the National Portage Association.


Health and Early Years Education Professional

If you are a professional please download and complete the referral application form.

You will also need to supply supportive information to include:

  • Childcare setting* -  your plan do reviews with details of the impact these had had on the child's ability to access the curriculum
  • Health Professionals -  the developmental Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ), programmes of targeted support and any reports

Completed applications should be emailed to

Parent of a child who is not in a childcare setting

Speak to your Health Visitor or visit your local Family Centre where professionals can provide advice and apply for any of these services.

*A childcare setting is pre-school, nursery or child minder.

Support for early years settings

If your are an early years setting and need advice and support regarding children with SEN needs, visit our support service for childcare settings page.

Funding for childcare settings

Funding is available to provide additional adult support within the childcare setting. The funding flowchart explains the process for applying for funding.

To apply for download and complete the funding application form.

Completed applications should be emailed to