Isle of Wight Council

Virtual School


Young children working with technology

The Virtual School exists to:

  • Champion the educational needs of looked after children.
  • Improve the educational outcomes of looked after children.
  • Raise awareness of the council's responsibility as a “corporate parent” towards looked after children.

All children in the care of the Isle of Wight Council belong to the virtual school as well as their mainstream school, whether this is on the Island or on the mainland. The virtual school is led by a head teacher. Our Virtual School Headteacher is Anwen Foy. The role of the of Virtual school head is to monitor admissions, attendance and exclusions and to work with social workers, carers and professional agencies to give support where required.


As a looked after child, there are a number of people who will be available to support a young person to achieve their education targets. As well as carers and a social worker, every looked after child will be able to access support in school from a named designated teacher. The designated teacher will make sure, through talking with carers, social workers and other professionals that needs are identified and are appropriately supported.