Parking - Residents Parking Schemes

About the Scheme

The Isle of Wight Council has introduced a policy for dealing with requests for new Residents’ Parking Schemes. It aims to give priority to residents over commuters and visitors to the area.

It is unlikely that the council would have the financial or staff resources, in a single financial year, to satisfy the number of residents’ requests for schemes and review the operation of the existing schemes.  

It is suggested therefore, the requests be prioritised by using a system which can be seen as fair and consistent. This can be achieved by undertaking parking surveys of the areas which request schemes. If deemed appropriate during the daytime, evening and overnight, on typical weekdays and a Saturday in each of the streets that have been identified as having a potential problem.  The surveys aim to obtain information regarding the demand by residents and the level and effect of non-resident parking.  Consideration must then be given to the possible displacement effect caused by the introduction of a resident’s scheme.

The results of this process will give an insight of the actual demand for a scheme on a daily basis. It help to show whether a scheme will adequately provide for their needs. It will also give a prioritised list of areas from which the council could, subject to finance and resources being available, select a number of streets to be considered for Residents’ Parking Schemes.  In addition, the survey results would assist with the design and extent of a scheme.

The Isle of Wight Council (Residents’ Parking Places) Order  (PDF, 1.19MB, 22 pages) sets out the eligibility criteria for Residents’ Parking Scheme permits. The order states that a maximum of two permits can be issued to a resident (and owner of the vehicle) of a road specified in Schedule 1 of the above order.  


Permits will be issued for a 12-month period from the date of issue at the cost of £72 for the first permit and £100 for the second permit. 

Issued permits

When issued, the permit will allow parking within the street of a designated Parking Scheme. The relevant parking area will be denoted by signage with the name of the area stated. The permit cannot be used in any other limited waiting or pay and display parking bay.

Examples of the signage denoting the Resident bays can be seen here (PDF, 162KB, 1 page).

View the current Isle of Wight Council (Residents’ Parking Places) Plans (PDF, 11.68MB, 32 pages).