Parking - Residents Parking Schemes

Eligibility Criteria

The following points are regarded as the main criteria and all applications will be measured against this critera.

If you wish to apply for a new residents parking scheme the criteria must be met prior to the consideration of a residents parking scheme:

  • Not less than 75% of the available kerbside space is occupied for more than six hours between 8am and
    6pm on five or more days a week from Monday to Saturday inclusive, and a bona fide need of residents is
  • Not more than 50% of dwellings have or could have parking available within the curtilage of
    their own property, or within 200 metres walking distance by way of garages or other private off-street space
    such as a driveway.
  • A garage is defined as a building designed to accommodate a parked motor vehicle, with the minimum
    dimension being 5.0 metres long by 2.5 metres wide. Any garage that measures smaller than the minimum
    dimensions will not be classed as an off-road parking space.
  • A driveway is defined as an area of land designed to accommodate a parked motor vehicle.
  • The peak or normal working day demand for residents’ spaces should be able to be met up to a maximum of
    125% of the zones' parking capacity.
  • The design and introduction of a scheme should give consideration to the displacement parking in adjacent
  • The authority should be satisfied that a reasonable level of enforcement of the proposals can be maintained by
    Civil Enforcement Officers.
  • The initial proposals should be acceptable to the greater proportion of the residents due to the restrictive and
    fiscal impact of a scheme.
  • Permits for non-residential premises should be able to be limited in their use to essential operational use only.
  • In areas where parking space is severely limited, the introduction of reserved parking does not seriously affect
    the commercial viability of the area.
  • After a full consultation process, in excess of 50% of the total number of dwellings in the streets directly affected,
    are in favour of the proposals to ensure a clear majority are in favour.