Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

Formal Representations

When a penalty charge remains unpaid, after a period of 28 days the Council may apply to the DVLA to ascertain the registered keeper details in order to serve a Notice to Owner (NtO). The registered keeper is deemed to be the owner for the purpose of serving this document.

The NtO is sent to the person believed to be the owner, as it is the owner of the vehicle who is liable for any PCNs issued, irrespective of who the driver was. This is known as owner liability.

If you receive a NtO, you can make formal representations.  Before making a formal representation, we recommend you take a look at the things to consider before submitting a representation.

The Notice to Owner details the statutory grounds on which a formal representation may be made. However, you may still make representations even if you don’t meet one of the statutory grounds stated. The Council will consider whether there are compelling grounds or mitigating circumstances under which the Penalty Charge Notice should be rescinded.

You must make your representations within 28 days of receiving the NtO.  Please state your case clearly and provide any information and evidence that is relevant.  Evidence supporting your claim - for example: receipts, photographs, or witness statements can be uploaded as part of an online representation.

The council will respond either accepting or rejecting your representations. 

Acceptance letters will be sent by email if an email address has been provided. If an email has not been provided you will be sent a letter. 

However, if the Council decides that the charge should not be cancelled you will be sent a notice of rejection of representations. The notice of rejection will provide you with details on how to make payment or appeal to the independent adjudicator should you wish to do so.  The notice of rejection of representations will always be sent by post to enable the Council to establish an appropriate service date.

Submit a Formal Representation online.