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Road safety

Rental e-scooters

Beryl e-scooters are available to hire across the Island. They can be found in Cowes, East Cowes, Newport, Ryde, Sandown and Shanklin. The scooters must be parked in a network of specially marked Beryl bays that can be found on the in-app map and located with painted bays on the street.

To hire and ride an e-scooter you will need to provide a valid UK driving licence. You can provide this in the app. The e-scooters have a top speed of 12.5mph and can be restricted where lower speeds are deemed necessary. They will reduce to walking pace (3mph) if taken outside of the trial area.

Using rental e-scooters responsibly

To use an e-scooter responsibly you should follow the points below:

  • should only be used within the local area hosting the trial. 
  • should be used by one person at a time, who is the account holder, following the validation of their driving licence
  • follow the highway code
  • never let someone else on the rental e-scooter during your ride
  • wear a helmet. It’s not required but it’s safer
  • you must not tow anything using an e-scooter
  • you must not use a mobile phone when using an e-scooter
  • ensure you use the indicators correctly
  • ensure bags or other small items you are carrying will not cause a danger to you or others around you. For example, never hang them from the handlebars
  • you should not ride an e-scooter while under the influence of drink or drugs. You may be prosecuted under drink or drug driving laws as careless and dangerous driving offences also apply to users of e-scooters
  • refer to the terms of use of the e-scooter operator before renting a trial e-scooter

Please note that only rental e-scooters used as part of trials can be used on the public highway.

The rules for private e-scooters have not changed. It is against the law to use a privately owned e-scooter. If you use an e-scooter illegally:

  • you could face a fine
  • you could get penalty points on your licence
  • the e-scooter could be impounded

For more information on using e-scooters safely and legally, please visit: