Link guidelines

Whilst providing information for our users, we may include links to external websites created and maintained by organisations other than the Isle of Wight Council. 

External Links  

We do not automatically agree to requests from other organisations or individuals to link to their website, nor do we automatically agree to reciprocal link arrangements. 

If you have a site that you wish to be considered for our website, contact Please include the URL that you wish us to link to, as well as your name, phone number and email address (if different from the address you are emailing us from). Also include where on our site you would like your link to appear. While the Council may not be able to list your site exactly as you request, we would be happy to consider your suggestions. 

All requests for links to external websites will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and in discussion with the relevant service area as required. Links may be removed or replaced at the discretion of the Isle of Wight Council. 

All links to external websites will appear in a new browser window. 

Agreed links will normally conform to one or more of the following criteria: 

  • links to specific pages of information or to a document that compliments and adds value to our own content
  • links to content that improves the level of customer service for users
  • links that extend digital government services to our users
  • links to a partnership site, for example, websites operated by organisations we work with
  • links to other government agencies or those working in partnership with these agencies

We will not link to: 

  • content that infringes on any trademark, copyright, or patent rights of another
  • content that is not suitable for readers or viewers of all ages
  • sites that are not free to access.
  • sites that we consider are not kept up to date
  • commercial websites whose sole purpose is profit making (this includes individuals offering services such as private lessons, training or therapy)
  • political lobby sites
  • political party sites (other than directly from our Councillor's information pages)
  • sites that request a link purely to increase their search engine rankings

While we regularly run link checking software on our site, if you have a link on our site and are aware that your domain name or a specific URL is going to change, please email providing the current and future URL as well as the date they will change.