Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

The main role of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is to provide specialist advice to the Local Authority to help perform its functions under either sports grounds, or public events legislation.

They will also provide advice and assistance to the event organisers in order to enhance public safety at the event. 

SAG's core membership consists of representatives from the following agencies: ยท     

  • Chair (from the Local Authority Licensing Team)  
  • Licensing
  • Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary   
  • Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service
  • Isle of Wight NHS PCT
  • Environmental Health Department
  • Building Control
  • Emergency Management
  • Highways Authority.

Representatives from other services or bodies may be invited to meetings where required.

The group meets at regular intervals, or when necessary, to review major event applications/plans.

For more advice, contact the Licensing Department by phone or email.