Weights and Measures

Weights and Measures is the legal term for uniform standards with regards to the quantity, capacity, volume, or dimensions of anything.

All weighing equipment in use for trade must be suitable for its intended purpose and be sufficiently accurate. Non-automatic weighing machines are either 'passed as fit for use for trade' by an inspector of weights and measures (trading standards inspector) or an 'approved qualifier'.

All the equipment used for trade purposes must bear the stamp or stickers.  Additionally, weights that are in use for trade in conjunction with weighing equipment must be stamped with the crown stamp.

Trade or commercial equipment

Equipment suitable for trade or commercial use is required to have a stamp or verification marks to show that it is suitable.

Kitchen weights and scales are not suitable and cannot be used for trade or commercial purposes. 

The verification marks are more often put with the data place adjacent to the serial number and other technical information about the weighing machine.

If an officer finds the equipment exceeds the permitted tolerances, they will remove the stamp with a six pointed star if the machine is crown stamped, or put a sticker with a red six pointed star on the machine.

Please see the Business Companion website for further information.

Public Weighbridges

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