Members Managing Your Details

As a member of the Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme you will now need to make your annual membership payments and keep your online presence and details up to date. If you wish to learn more about your responsibility for this, read Members Top Tips.

Top Tip: If you have already created a ‘My Account' please sign in before completing online form.

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There are two ways you can keep your online information up to date.


You can update your online details by becoming a ‘Self-editor’. This method is free, gives you control over your organisations/services details that appear in the Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme. The changes you make go live instantly, meaning your customers and potential new customers get the right information when they need it.

If you have already registered to become a self-editor, access your 'My Account' to use the self-editing screens.

Request to become a self-editor

If you wish to update your online details but haven’t yet registered, complete the online form.