ID Cards (prove your age)

The Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) is the UK’s national proof of age accreditation scheme, endorsed by the Home Office, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and the Trading Standards Institute (TSI).

PASS sets and maintains minimum criteria for proof of age card issuers to meet. All cards schemes are required to submit to periodic audits carried out by an independent audit team appointed by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) to ensure that they meet and keep the standards required for PASS accreditation.

The aim of PASS is to provide:

  • reliability
  • assurance
  • confidence for retailers, enforcers and young people.

The PASS hologram on a card is the hallmark indicating that the card issuer has passed a stringent audit carried out by Trading Standards Officers and that the card may be relied upon.

Carrying a card bearing the PASS hologram means young people can gain access to the goods and services to which they are legally entitled without having to risk carrying more costly documents such as passports or driving licences.

PASS was launched because fake proof-of-age cards were becoming a widespread national problem, and those who sell illegally to under-age customers are liable to fines and may even lose their licences.

When a young person produces any card bearing the PASS hologram, the retailer only needs to check the photo and the date of birth, and the sale can proceed.

Learn more on the PASS website.

National Card Scheme:

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