Short Breaks membership

What is Short Breaks?

Short Breaks aims to increase activity opportunities for children and young people with disabilities. It provides a break for parents/carers while their child takes part in a safe, fun, and enjoyable activity.

Clubs and activities

View the Short Breaks activity guide. It gives information on activities available through the programme.

Short Breaks offers after-school clubs, evening and weekend activities, and overnight stays. Families can access support until the child turns 19 years old. Short Breaks also provide a range of facilities for families to use (for example, the Short Breaks caravan at Lower Hyde).

The Short Breaks programme is for children and young people who:

  • have a disability or additional needs and may require support to participate in leisure and recreational activities
  • are aged between zero and 18 years old
  • live on the Isle of Wight or attend a school on the Isle of Wight.

Short Breaks membership card

The Short Breaks membership card will enable children and young people to participate in Short Breaks activities and have access to all its facilities. 

The membership card displays your child's or young person’s photograph, date of birth, and name. The programme is only for members to use, so that children who need it get our support.

Bring your child's or young person's membership card with you so that you can show it to the staff when you arrive at your chosen activity.

Benefits of Short Breaks

The Short Breaks membership card is free and will enable your child or young person to:

  • access specialised activities and opportunities through the programme
  • book our Short Breaks caravan at Lower Hyde 
  • informs activity providers that your child or young person has a disability and additional needs and may require support to participate with the activity.
The information you provide helps us plan short breaks so that there is a fair distribution of services across the Isle of Wight.