Designated Independent Persons

'Designated Independent Persons' are new roles required by the Localism Act 2011. The people in these roles may be consulted by councillors on the Isle of Wight Council and the 33 Parish/Town Councils on the Island and senior council officers on matters relating to complaints that have been received about the conduct of councillors.

Active Designated Independent Persons - Membership details

Alistair Drain, appointed December 2012

Alistair Drain is a retired Local Government Officer with over 33 years’ experience. He has held several senior and a Chief Officer post in departments ranging from Management Services to Head of Scrutiny at the Isle of Wight Council. Since retiring in 2005, he has worked for a charity taking disabled and vulnerable adults to Lourdes, in France. Recently moved to the West Wight, Alistair enjoys a variety of outdoor activities and sports with his family and grandchildren.  

John Matthews, appointed 20 November 2019

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