Youth Council Manifesto

Since being elected, members of the Isle of Wight Youth Council have consulted young people on the current issues facing young people on the island and created this manifesto of goals they want to achieve over their two year term.

These goals will be the main focus of the Youth Council for the current term. If you wish to contact the Youth Council on any of these goals, please use the Contact Us section.


The Isle of Wight Youth Council has consulted young people and debated the current issues affecting young people on the Island.  The following manifesto is a working document and as such will be added to throughout the two year term,’but serves to target the group’s efforts to represent young people and champion the causes and actions they can support to help young people on the Island.

  • To host a youth debate, bringing together political figures and decision makers and creating a forum for them to better understand the issues facing young people on the Island.
  • To work with Island Futures and get the existing ‘Aspirations Survey’ completed by young people across the island. This will then inform the group and any further actions they may wish to agree in addressing the findings of the survey.
  • To make regular statements from the group’s stance on certain topics. These could be public statements regarding their manifesto objectives, targeted statements toward a service or business to represent their collective stance and could be via a diverse range of mediums such as radio, social media and email.
  • To create a Youth Council quality mark, offering schools and other services the opportunity to evidence they are achieving certain priorities related to Children’s Rights and quality of provision.
  • To influence the personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education curriculum on the Island with an emphasis on increasing education around Politics, Relationships, Independent Living, Mental Health and Life Skills.
  • To represent young people’s views on positive activities that are wanted and to raise awareness of what is already out there.
  •  A promise to directly address the main point/s that come out of the Youth Hustings.
  • To positively influence young people’s awareness around mental health support on the island and work with decision makers to influence how services are delivered.
  • To work with the council and support campaigns that look after the environment and to create a sustainable, renewable hub for all.