About Local Authority Searches

A Local Authority search consists of two parts, LLC1 and Con 29 Forms. There is also an optional Con 29O for additional enquiries.

The LLC1 requests information on entries held in the Local Land Charges Register such as:

  • conditional planning permissions
  • tree preservation orders
  • grants
  • listed buildings

The Con29 Form covers information such as road status and a full planning history. This is done by making enquiries with some of our other departments such as:

  • Planning
  • Highways
  • Building Control
  • Housing
  • Environmental Health

The optional Con 29O search covers additional enquiries such as adverts and common land.

Local Land Charge

A Local Land Charge is a prohibition or restriction on the use of land or a positive obligation. These include:

  • planning permissions with conditions
  • tree preservation orders
  • financial charges
  • conservation areas
  • legal agreements
  • highway agreements
  • enforcement notices
  • listed buildings

Submitting a search request

The Local Land Charges Register is a part of the HM Land Registry’s national register. To submit an LLC1 search request please use the HM Land registry portal. You can also use the Business Gateway or government web pages to search local land charges.

We will continue to provide replies to all Con29 enquiries. You can apply online through either:

You can also email your completed Con29 and Con29O forms and location plan to llcgeneralenquiries@iow.gov.uk.

The standard fee for a Con29 search is £151.20 (including VAT). You can pay any fees owed by BACS (details below). We can also contact you by phone to take credit or debit card payments. Please confirm when emailing the completed paperwork how you will be paying. Once payment is made please send a copy of your remittance notice to llcgeneralenquiries@iow.gov.uk and sandown.cashoffice@iow.gov.uk.

We will begin the search once your payment has been received.

BACS details

Name: Isle of Wight Council Receipts Account

Sort Code: 30-80-12

Account number: 14867260


All drainage searches are carried out by Southern Water.

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) guidance

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has published guidance on how to buy a home and how to sell a home.