Adults Mental Health Team

Team Information

The local authority has 12 staff currently working within the Community Mental Health service, across three NHS office bases, including within the NHS Memory Service.

All mental health referrals are received via the Adult Social Work Manager for Mental Health who is co-located with NHS Mental Health Managers at St Mary’s Hospital. The team works alongside health colleagues to ensure appropriate social care support is provided to both adults with mental health needs and to adults with complex organic memory problems. The team aims to promote recovery and to support people to maximise their independence. The support provided by both health and social care practitioners is coordinated as closely as possible with the aim of improving the crisis response and access to reablement so that fewer people are admitted to inpatient services, they remain there for a shorter time if they are admitted, and are less likely to be readmitted.

This service is also responsible to ensure the statutory duties of the local authority in respect of the Mental Health Act are delivered. The qualified staff within this service are all Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHP’s) or awaiting the required training to do so,  and take part in the day time and out of hours rotas.