Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information


Allotments are small areas of land that have been specifically set aside for cultivation by renting tenants. Allotment gardens provide a wide range of benefits to the community and the environment. They are not just important for tasty low cost food production, they also provide a valuable recreational opportunity involving healthy activities and social interaction that can become a way of life for many people. Nothing is as rewarding as growing your own fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. Our allotment service manages a range of sites along with the Parish/Town Councils. Many allotment sites are popular and in some cases have a waiting list. For any further information regarding the availability of any of the allotment plots, please use the contact details provided for the various sites, listed below.

Our allotment sites

Below is a list of our allotment sites:

  • Grove Road, Wroxall
  • Dovecotes, Merstone
  • Fort Mews, Sandown
  • Hyde Destructor, Shanklin
  • Long Meadow, Westhill Road, Shanklin  
  • Barn Ground, Lake   

Rental for these allotments is billed yearly on the first Monday of September from our Customer Account Services. For any queries relating to these please send us a message.

Town/Parish Councils and other associations managed allotment sites

Below is a list of allotment sites managed by either the Town/Parish Councils and other associations:

  • Ryde Town Council. For more information call 01983 811105.
          • Alfred Street, Ryde
          • Uplands Road, Haylands

          • Quarry Road, Ryde

          • Marlborough Road, Ryde

          • Mayfield Road, Ryde

  • Newport Parish Council. For more information call 01983 559119.
          • Old Pan, Newport
          • Hillside Quay Harbour, Newport
          • Clatterford Road, Carisbrooke
          • Castle Road, Carisbrooke
          • Field House, Carisbrooke
          • Miller Lane, Carisbrooke
  • Brading Town Council. For more information call 01983 401770
  • Nettlestone & Seaview Parish Council. For more information call 01983 562257.
  • Alvington Road, Newport. Managed by an association. Details are displayed on the allotment site.
  • Moorgreen Road, Cowes. Managed by an association. Email for further details.
  • Vectis Road, East Cowes. Managed by Vectis Association. For more information visit the Vectis Association website.