UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

An UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is an area that has been recognised by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). It has been recognised for:

  • its unique mix of plants and animals,
  • valued environment,
  • and sustainable way of life of the people who live and work within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

There are over 700 Biosphere Reserves in 120 countries including 20 transboundary sites.

The Isle of Wight UNESCO Biosphere Reserve was Designated on 19 June 2019. It is recognised as an example of where local communities have found a way to live sustainably within their local ecosystems. 


We have a special mix of the best wildlife sites found anywhere in England. There are many Landscapes that are nationally important. The Island is rich in culture and heritage and a population that is resilient, diverse  and vibrant. We live on a very special island.


Winning UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status is about drawing a line in the sand. We are pushing forwards to encourage all Islanders to take care of their environment. This is for our children and grandchildren, as our parents and grandparents did in their turn.


There are so many opportunities to find out about the Isle of Wight, the ecology or the culture of it’s people.