For information about the adopted policies on the shoreline of the Isle of Wight, please see the coastal plans and strategies.

This page contains information on additional studies we have undertaken.

A pair of studies have been undertaken to identify potential coastal defence schemes:

In December 2012 a large landslide (PDF, 610KB) occurred in Totland Bay. The Totland to Colwell Bay Landslide Assessment Report (PDF, 4.5MB) was published and details made available in a press release. In 2015, a footpath was re-installed across the landslide. A £200 000 'make do and mend' scheme, as a coastal defence reinstatement was not affordable. For the latest coastal policy for this area, see Chapter six of the West Wight Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategy.

In 2010 the Environment Agency developed the Eastern Yar flood and erosion management strategy with us. The recommendations of this work were also taken account of in the Isle of Wight Shoreline Management Plan.

In 2000 a series of geotechnical case studies were produced for sites around the Isle of Wight (CCCI, EU LIFE Environment Project):