Air Quality

Air pollution

We have a duty to review and assess air quality on the Isle of Wight, in accordance with Government guidance. There are many sources of pollutants in the area, including industry, vehicles, bonfires and wood burners, all that can cause harm to human health.

Find out more about air pollution on the DEFRA website.

Monitoring air pollution

The Environment Act 1995 places a duty on local authorities to review the air quality in their area.

Local air quality is assessed at locations of relevant exposure such as residential properties, schools and care homes. The data is reviewed against national Air Quality Objectives.

We carry out assessments for the following pollutants in accordance with the National Air Quality Strategy:

  • particulates (PM10)
  • sulphur dioxide (SO2)
  • nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

The pollutants of interest on the Isle of Wight are mainly sourced from vehicles and industry.

Monitoring techniques used currently are diffusion tubes, which give pollutant concentrations over an averaging period.

Air Quality Management Areas

Government guidance states that if Air Quality Objectives are not being met, or are unlikely to be met, the local authority must declare an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). It should then work to improve local air quality in pursuit of the objectives.

There are currently no AQMAs on the Isle of Wight.

Air quality reports

We have a duty to produce an annual local air quality report for DEFRA and to make them available to the public.

You can read the reports for each year.