Hidden Heroes Exhibition at the Museum of Island History

Wed 28 Mar 2018 10 AM - Fri 14 Sep 2018 3 PM

Museum of Island History
High St

Details: Hidden Heroes Exhibition at the Museum of Island History
A new exhibition has opened at the Museum of Island History situated within the historic Guildhall on Newport High Street.
The exhibition explores the stories of over 20 remarkable people who have contributed to the rich history of the Isle of Wight; from inventors and designers to artists and architects.

See the steering wheel of Thrust 2 the car that held the land speed record for 14 years - designed by John Ackroyd of Ryde.

Learn about the history of the can opener and see an early example designed by inventor Henry Knight of Ryde in 1881.

Find out more about the important role of the Council’s Trading Standards department and view a selection of the weights and measures used on the Island from as early as 1765.

Discover more about transgender musician, poet and artist Bruce Laker / Phaedra J. Kelly. Bruce created the term ‘gender transient’, describing a person who does not want to be a man or a woman but someone who experiments with both identities. The term gender transient was included in the Oxford English Dictionary in the 1990s.

Find out more about one of the very few known pupils of the artist JMW Turner. Lady Isabella Julia Levina Gordon was an accomplished artist in the nineteenth century.

The exhibition is part of the Hidden Heroes project which features displays, talks and workshops at museums and galleries across the Isle of Wight. Find out more about our remarkable people, remarkable stories and our remarkable Island at the website www.iwhiddenheroes.org.uk
Indoors or Outdoors: Indoors
Event Type: Arts and Culture
Intended Audience: All
Disabled Facilities: Toilets, Wheelchair Access
Charges: £2 Adults
£1.20 Children
£5 Family (2 adults and 2 children)