Support for carers

A carer is anyone who cares for a family member, friend, or an adult over the age of 18 years who cannot live independently without support due to:

  • illness
  • frailty
  • disability
  • mental health condition
  • addiction
  • other social limitations, such as keeping a job.

You are still a carer if you care for an adult with one or more of these conditions, whether you are being paid for the support you give or not. Find out if you're eligible for a carer's allowance.

The roles and responsibilities each carer provide vary based on the individual’s need for care. These can include everyday tasks, like personal care, such as getting out of bed and bathing, to emotional support and coping with the symptoms of a mental illness.

Many people who care for someone else don’t see themselves as carers and may not get the support they need. If you are living on the Isle of Wight, Carers IW can give you help and advice on being a carer. They can provide you with one-on-one and group support and a place for respite, among other services. You can access a carers assessment with us or through Carers IW.

Carers assessment

As a carer, you are entitled to an assessment to help identify what support may be required to help you to provide care for another. We will look at:

  • the individual’s need for help who you care for
  • the help you provide
  • the support you need for your life outside of caring (such as work, education, family and social lives, your own health and wellbeing)
  • services we can provide
  • services other organisations can provide
  • the impact on your own wellbeing that caring for others with needs has on you and important aspects in your life, including the things you want to achieve daily, for example whether you work or want to work/study
  • consideration of other important issues, such as being able or willing to continue providing care.